JLC Live 2018

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High-Strength Columns

David Szilezy of Digger Specialties reviews through-color columns by Column & Post. Manufactured with calcium carbonate (marble dust) and polyester resin, these high-strength columns come with decorative capitals and plinths made from the same material as the column. More

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Hand-Held CNC Router

Eric Dahleng of Shaper Tools demonstrates the company's “Origin” hand-held CNC... More

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Nickel Gap Shiplap Paneling

Antoinette Birknes of WindsorOne discusses the company's shiplap paneling products. She says that due to exposure on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines, WindsorOne’s shiplap paneling products are selling like hot cakes. More

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AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive

Michael Duval of Huber Engineered Woods reviews AdvanTech’s new subfloor adhesive with JLC. The foam-to-gel adhesive has a 20-minute open time, adheres to wet and frozen wood, and cures in 24 hours. AdvanTech offers a 10-year squeak-free warranty if adhesive is applied between AdvanTech subfloor and engineered framing (with approved fasteners). More

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Easy-To-Work-With Tapes

Marty Hotes of Vandermeer Forest Products demonstrates G-Tape’s 3040BK flashing and 1009GR surface-protection tapes. G-Tape easily tears off from the roll and does not stick to itself, and reworking it is a breeze. The company's 3040BK flashing tape is workable up to 30 minutes and fully adheres in hours; multiple roll-width sizes are available. More

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Noise-Isolating Bluetooth Earbuds

Pete Murphy of Haven Technologies demonstrates the company's new ISOtunes Pro earbuds to JLC. These OSHA-compliant earbuds have a 27-noise reduction rating, screw-on soft memory foam tips, and the latest Bluetooth technology (no wires to your device). More

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Post-Worthy New Products

Friends of JLC post their finds from JLC Live 2018 More

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