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 Why do I need a JLC Online registration?
You need to register with JLC Online in order to fully access all of the features and benefits of our website, including free JLC articles.
 How do I register?
It's easy to register! Simply click here.
 How do I log in?
Once you have registered, you are automatically logged-in. If you log-out for any reason, you can click the login link in the upper right corner of the header to log back in.
 I get an error message when I try to reset my password.
If you get an error message when you try to reset your password, try the following: Go to the JLC home page by clicking on the JLC logo in the top-left corner of the screen and then click the login button in the top-right corner. Then click the "Forgot Password" link and try again.
 When I try to register, I get a message that my email address is already in use. What should I do?
It's possible you're already registered with JLC Online with the email address you're trying to use. In that case, first try to login with that email address. If that is unsuccessful, click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page. We'll send you an email with instructions for resetting your password. Otherwise, send an email to [email protected] with your name, address, and email address, describing what you have tried so far so we can contact you with further instructions.
 I did not receive my confirmation email. What do I do?
Verify the email address you used with your registration, and check your email spam folder associated with that email address.

My JLC Online Account

 How do I change my JLC Online password?
To change your password, log in to your My Account page and click the Change Password link in the lower right of your Profile section of the page.
 How do I change my email address?
Once you have registered for JLC Online, it is not possible change the email address associated with your account. Instead, we recommend that you create a new account with your preferred email address.
 Can I post/share a JLC article on my website or social media page?
We encourage you to post links to information found on our website. However, all JLC content is legally protected by copyright and cannot be shared or re-posted without written permission from Zonda Media, a Delaware corporation.
 Why can't I view the full article I want to read?
Select JLC premium content is only available to JLC magazine subscribers. Click here to subscribe and get full access to all JLC content.

JLC Magazine Subscription

 I already subscribe to JLC. How do I get online access to subscriber-only content?
Go to to create your online account and get access to our premium content.
 What is the difference between registering at JLC Online and subscribing to JLC?
Your JLC Online registration gives you full access to all the free features and benefits of our website. A subscription to JLC magazine gives you additional access to content in either print or digital format.
 How do I subscribe to JLC?
You can subscribe to JLC at
 How do I renew, pay for, or cancel my JLC subscription?
Visit our subscription Customer Care Center at
 How do I change my subscription mailing address?
Visit our subscription Customer Care Center at
 What are JLC magazine format options?
JLC magazine is now available in both print and digital versions. The digital version is an exact copy of the print edition and is delivered to you via email.
 Is there an iPad or Android version of JLC?
We are continuing to work on iPad and Android versions of JLC but have not yet established a release date.
 Do I need to register with JLC Online in order to subscribe to JLC magazine?
No, it's not necessary. But if you don't register with JLC Online, you'll miss out on many of the valuable features of our website, including participation in our Forums and access to premium online content.
 If I subscribe to JLC magazine, can I register with JLC Online at a later date?
Yes, you can! Simply click here to register with JLC Online and link your account to your magazine subscription. Note: we recommend that you use the same email address and password when registering for JLC Online and subscribing to JLC.
 How do I order reprints from JLC magazine?
You can order reprints from JLC magazine by contacting Wright’s Media.

JLC Update Newsletter

 What is JLC Update?
JLC Update is a free weekly email newsletter from the editors at JLC. It delivers late-breaking news and information in between issues of JLC.
 How do I subscribe to JLC Update?
Click here to subscribe for free.
 How do I unsubscribe from JLC Update?
Click here to manage your JLC Update account.


 What is your privacy policy?
JLC and our parent company Hanley Wood fully respect your privacy. You can review our privacy policy here:
 Can I access the JLC website without giving you my email address?
Yes, you can explore the JLC website without registering. However, you do have to register in order to view JLC magazine content and post comments and questions in the JLC Forums.
 How do I ask you to not share my email address?
We will never share your email address with any third party. Every email we send you has an unsubscribe link that you can click to instruct us to stop sending you email communications.
 How do I ask you to not share my mailing address?
Send an email to Customer Service and ask to be placed on our Do Not Mail List. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, and JLC subscription account number (found on your magazine mailing label) in your message.

Contact Us

We want to hear from you!

The address of our corporate headquarters is: Hanley Wood LLC, 1152 15th St. NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20005.

You can email the JLC editorial staff at: [email protected]. Please understand that our editors may not be able to reply with a detailed response to specific questions or issues.

You can email JLC customer service at [email protected].

Our customer service phone number is 1-888-269-8410

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