Finish Wiring

JLC Field Guide: Finish Wiring

In the final phase of an electrical installation, lighting fixtures and devices such as switches and receptacles are installed, appliance connections are made, and utilities (boilers or furnaces, air conditioning, well pumps, etc.) are connected.

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Finish Wiring Featured Articles

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Plug-In Electrical Testers

Using an inexpensive tester, you can troubleshoot a miswired receptacle without... More

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Dawn of the Duplex Receptacle

We have inventor Harvey Hubbell to thank for the design of today's electrical... More

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Wire Receptacles and Switches Like a Pro

Learn how to do it the right way; your client’s life depends on the quality of... More

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Neutral Necessity: Wiring Three-Way Switches

In the latest National Electric Code, every switch box in a habitable room or... More

New York Sidewalks are Hot—In More Ways than One

New York City sidewalks are full of energy—sometimes intentionally, other times not. More

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In the News

Expanded AFCI requirements; trenching turns deadly in Southern California; nicad... More

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Finish Wiring Instruction

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Which End Up For Receptacles?

Is there a proper or preferred orientation of the ground? More

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Wiring a Three-Way Switch

Learn how to wire a three-way switch when both switches come after the fixture,... More

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Grounding Electrical Boxes

Different approaches can work as long as you maintain continuity in the ground. More

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Pigtails for Switches?

Is there any advantage to wiring switches with pigtails? More

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