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JLC Field Guide: Main Service

In this section of the JLC Field Guide, we address what is often called the load center or just the electrical panel, but which; includes the service entrance that feeds into, and any subpanels that might feed off of, the main panel.

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Replacing an Electrical Service

Upgrading service equipment increases safety and load capacity while bringing the... More

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The Electrical Panel

In this guided tour of a distribution panel, a master electrician tells how to make sure an electrical system is wired safely and correctly grounded. More

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Installing Solar Electric Power

A photovoltaic system should be properly sized, built to code, and installed so... More

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Organizing the Mechanicals

HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems in a large house are complex. Here's a... More

New York Sidewalks are Hot—In More Ways than One

New York City sidewalks are full of energy—sometimes intentionally, other times not. More

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In the News

Expanded AFCI requirements; trenching turns deadly in Southern California; nicad... More

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Main Service Instruction

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Grounding Electrical Boxes

Different approaches can work as long as you maintain continuity in the ground. More

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Pigtails for Switches?

Is there any advantage to wiring switches with pigtails? More

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Wind- and Solar-Powered Generator

Batteries that are recharged by solar panels and a wind generator supply DC power... More

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Q&A: Service-Entrance Cable Under a Garage

Q: The proposed location for my client's new detached garage is right on top of a buried service-entrance cable. The electric meter is mounted on a pedestal about 100 feet from the house, and a conduit runs to the house through the area where the garage — More

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Moving an Electrical Box

What's the solution when the location of an electrical outlet needs to be adjusted... More

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