Weather Barriers and Flashing

Proper installation of a water-resistive barrier, or WRB—preferably with a rainscreen behind the siding—enables us to build resilient homes that will last for generations.

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Weather Barriers and Flashing Featured Articles

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Working with Flexible Flashing

If you need to make a custom window or door sill pan, or flash a pipe, wire, or... More

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Queen of Zero Rainscreen Details

Nicole Tysvaer shares the rainscreen, flashing, and trim details for JLC's 2024... More

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Moisture Protection for Walls

Doug Horgan dives into a range of practical solutions for draining and drying... More

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Detailing Rotproof Wood Exteriors

A practical guide to common construction details that shed water and minimize... More

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Weather Barriers and Flashing Instruction

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Common Flashing Errors

Avoid common mistakes and pay particular attention to these problem areas. More

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Sizing Up Window Flashing Tape

Who determines the width of the SAF tape needed to flash window openings - the... More

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Best-Practice Apron Flashing

How to install a more-effective and better-looking dormer or chimney apron flashing. More

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