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Reinforcing a Foundation with Structural Strapping

Jake Lewandowski explains how to repair cracked concrete-block foundation walls... More

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High-Performance Crawlspace Foundations

A concrete slab improves the performance of an unvented crawlspace, but you still... More

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Cure for a Bulging Brick Foundation

How Jake Lewandowski stabilized an old brick basement wall using vertical I-beams... More

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Small Garage Foundation Repair

A mobile concrete mixer solved both budgetary and logistical problems More

Concrete Houses for the Coast

Hurricane Katrina taught a valuable lesson: the only houses likely to survive the... More

High and Dry

In the flood-prone Gulf region, an elevated home is a no-brainer. The classic... More

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Building A Block Foundation

Instead of subcontracting the work, invest in a few masonry tools and put your own... More

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Building Brick Stairs

A long-lasting set of masonry steps starts with a solid base and includes good... More

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Installing a Wide Door In a Tall Brick Wall

In this renovation, engineered steel braces support a solid brick wall from the... More

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