Concrete Block Instruction

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Block or Poured Concrete Foundation?

Each method has advantages and disadvantages, but more often than not the deciding... More

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Concrete Block

For block foundations, effective perimeter drainage is critical to reduce lateral soil pressures, especially for full basements (see Perimeter Foundation Drains). And block is also very porous, so waterproofing or dampproofing is important to control moisture intrusion (see Waterproofing and Dampproofing). More

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Framing Fix for a Faulty Foundation

When a foundation is out-of-level and out-of-square, you can shim the joists,... More

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Block Walls, Vapor Barriers, and Solar Vapor Drive

Q: With a cavity wall assembly consisting of load-bearing 8-inch CMUs (concrete masonry units), 2 inches of rigid foam, a 2-inch air space, and 4-inch concrete bricks covered with cementitious stucco and an acrylic color coat, how important is dampproofin More

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Retrofitting a Window Into a Block Foundation

Q: I need to install a basement egress window in a concrete-block foundation wall.... More

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Q&A: Tying Into Concrete Block

Q: What is the best way to tie a new block addition into an existing block building? More

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