Concrete Instruction Articles

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How To Repair Structural Concrete

Jake Lewandowski breaks down how to prep a damaged concrete surface and fix it... More

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Composite vs. Steel Rebar

Glass-fiber rebar is about one-third the weight of steel rebar, won't corrode, and... More

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Control Joints in Concrete Slabs ... Are They Needed?

Cracks in concrete are unavoidable, but contraction and expansion joints can help... More

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Best Flashing for Concrete?

Aluminum should be avoided, but what else can you use for flashing with concrete? More

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Dropping the Level of a Basement Slab

To avoid cracks, isolate the concrete slab from the footing and foundation so that... More

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Pervious-Concrete Benefits

Using pervious concrete on a driveway can reduce runoff and meet many stormwater-management requirements. But does it need maintenance to keep functioning? More

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Concrete Cracks – How To Fix

Matt Risinger tackles cosmetic repairs to a polished concrete slab, using an epoxy repair to render unsightly cracks nearly invisible. More

Ancient Roman Concrete Has Lessons for Modern Scientists

Built more than two thousand years ago, the concrete seaport facilities of ancient Rome are still solid. Now scientists are rediscovering the secrets of the Roman engineers’ lost art. More

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TJ Shear Brace Installation

A Simpson Strong-Tie rep follows up on a JLC reference to the company's... More

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Troweling Air-Entrained Concrete

Can hard-troweling air-entrained concrete lead to delaminations? More

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