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Rules for Pipe Sleeves Through Footings

If improperly installed, a sleeve for a drain pipe or other mechanicals will... More

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Curing Time for Concrete Footings

Temperature, admixtures, and fly-ash content can affect how long it takes for concrete to achieve its rated strength. More

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Why Soil Moisture Matters When Pouring Concrete Footings

Super-dry soil can suck water out of wet concrete, while very wet soil will add... More

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On the Job: Future-Proof Footings

Future-proof footings; fiber cement at a clip; squeak reducer More

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Q&A: Capillary Break at Footing

Q: I have been told that crushed stone should be placed beneath foundation footings as a capillary break to prevent moisture from migrating up the foundation wall into the basement or crawlspace. Won’t this make the footing settle? More

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Steel for Footings

Steel for Footings More

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