Pier Foundations

JLC Field Guide: Pier Foundations

Pier-and-grade-beam foundations can be as simple as a sonotube foundation for a porch or small addition, or as complex as an engineered foundation for expansive soils.

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Working With Helical Piers

Engineered steel piles are an affordable foundation option for small jobs and... More

Slideshow - On Site with Diamond Pier

Coastal Connection travels to Provincetown, Mass., to see a contractor make quick... More

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Building a Foundation Designed for a Wet Site

A grade beam footing supported by 59 helical piers allows this concrete foundation... More

Better Deck Piers

Part 1: Base the footing design and spacing on the deck's size, expected loads,... More

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Smooth Tube Piers

Making a decorative concrete column without those spiral marks More

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Sizing Piers

For most decks, porches, and small additions, a simple pier-and-grade beam will... More

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Fast, Accurate, and Attractive Piers

Square wood forms knocked together from scrap lumber put piers in the right place... More

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Helical Pile Foundations

Contractors weigh in on the advantages of helical piles over concrete tubes,in... More

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Working With Sonotubes

Every porch or deck I build starts with level footings and solid, plumb concrete... More

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