Poured Walls

JLC Field Guide: Poured Walls

Concrete is a strong material and pouted foundation walls easily support downward compressive loads. It's the lateral loads that are the real controlling factor.

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Poured Walls Featured Articles

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Designing Concrete Basement Walls

An engineer explains how wall thickness, rebar, and proper drainage all affect the ability of poured concrete foundation walls to resist lateral soil pressure. More

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Reinforcing a Weak Foundation

Jake Lewandowski explains how to pour a “bench wall,” which is a reinforced... More

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A New Foundation for an Old House

Learn how a Massachusetts contractor lifted and resupported an early-1800s home,... More

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Heavy Lift

Raising 250 tons of house safely above the flood after Hurricane Sandy was just... More

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Poured Walls Instruction

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Sealing Foundation Cracks With Epoxy

Jake Lewandowski explains how to use epoxy to seal leaky cracks in masonry walls. More

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Retrofitting a Lally Column

How to replace an old brick pier with a Lally column without cracking the beam or... More

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Concrete for an ICF Foundation

How the right concrete mix and good placement practices will keep defects in an... More

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Concrete Cracks – How To Fix

Matt Risinger tackles cosmetic repairs to a polished concrete slab, using an epoxy repair to render unsightly cracks nearly invisible. More

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Building a Bollard

What are the engineering requirements for a bollard in a residential garage? More

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