JLC Field Guide: Sitework

Understanding soils, drainage, and subsurface materials is essential to completing quality sitework.

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Sitework Featured Articles

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Smarter Site Work with Geosynthetics

These tough plastic fabrics and grids take some of the uncertainty out of drainage... More

Muddy Waters

Few dispute that construction-site erosion poses a significant problem. Muddy... More

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Fixing a Flood-Prone Basement Walkout

When you can't redirect stormwater away from a house, the best solution might be... More

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How to Save Trees on the Job Site
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Placing a Puddle-Proof Driveway

In many cases, using pervious concrete can eliminate the need for expensive... More

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Sitework Instruction

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Cripple-Wall Failure

Tens of thousands of wood-framed houses in the Bay Area were built on short... More

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Repairing a Frost-Damaged Brick Patio Border

John Carroll explains how to prep the surface, choose the right bricks and mortar,... More

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Pervious-Concrete Benefits

Using pervious concrete on a driveway can reduce runoff and meet many stormwater-management requirements. But does it need maintenance to keep functioning? More

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Helical Pile Foundations

Contractors weigh in on the advantages of helical piles over concrete tubes,in... More

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Frost Protection for an Existing Foundation

How a Pennsylvania contractor retrofitted the shallow foundation of a three-season... More

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