Engineered Lumber Roofs

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Roof Framing with Wood I-Joists

When wood I-joists are used as rafters, connections at the structural ridge and... More

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'Handy Formulas for Stick Framing Roofs'

Read our review of the new book by Will Holladay, the author of the classic "A... More

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Framing a Supporting Valley

Tim Uhler shows how to keep clean ceiling lines above a vaulted space when you... More

Engineered Lumber Roofs Instruction

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Circular Saw Basics

A primer for new crew members from veteran carpenter John Spier on getting the... More

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Framing a Two-Pitch I-Joist Roof

To maintain a continuous air barrier, special attention needed to be paid to the... More

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Modifying Roof Trusses

Here's why you should consult with an engineer before cutting into that roof truss... More

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Rafter Ties and Shallow-Pitch Roofs

Q. My clients have a garage with a conventionally framed 4/12 roof that they want... More

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How Much Snow Does it Take to Collapse a Roof?

An engineer explains why most snow-related roof collapses are caused by connection... More

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