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'Handy Formulas for Stick Framing Roofs'

Read our review of the new book by Will Holladay, the author of the classic "A... More

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Repairing Rotted Trusses

Read about the tools and techniques that a Chicago contractor used to fix damaged... More

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Scissors Trusses and Home Performance

The right details can make scissors trusses an energy winner. More

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Framing a Roof from the Ground Up

It's safer and more comfortable to frame a roof on the ground, then lift it into... More

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Raising the Pitch of an Existing Roof

By combining trusses with stick framing, the author was able to frame a new roof... More

Gable-End Retrofits

A couple of decades ago, not much was typically done to secure gable-end trusses:... More

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Framing Flaws

These common errors could lead to expensive callbacks later on. More

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Dressing Up a Truss Roof

How stick-frame details can be used with roof trusses to build a home with... More

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Tool Test: Hardware Nailers

Dedicated nail guns that will pay for themselves quickly. More

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Building a SIPs Roof

Complex roofs with hips and dormers can be assembled quickly using these... More

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