Roof Trusses Instruction

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Deep Rafters for a Massachusetts Passive House

The massive ridge beam and deep I-joist rafters in this custom Passive House aren’... More

Slideshow: Framing a Loft

Coastal Connection follows the action as Cape Cod contractor Mike Hill frames the... More

Maine Passive House: Framing Overhangs

Work continues on the high-performance Maine ski lodge addition under construction... More

Flipping the Script on a Second-Story Addition

Design-builder Andrew DiGiammo tries a new strategy: Build the new roof first,... More

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Strapping Ceilings

Strapping serves many purposes both for framers, as well as for many of the subs... More

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RedBuilt Metal & Wood Composite Floor Truss Review

These trusses have enabled some really cool architectural features. More

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Can a Roof Truss Be Repaired?

Because making a seat-of-the-pants field repair to a compromised truss exposes you... More

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Making Space for a Barrel Vault

Modifying the existing trusses from below saved the cost of rebuilding the roof. More

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