Sheathing and Shear Panel

JLC Field Guide: Sheathing and Shear Panel

At a basic level, sheathing resists racking to keep walls upright. But sheathing may also be an integral part of the wall structure needed to resist wind loads and seismic forces, as well.

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Manufactured Shear-Wall Components

For builders working in seismic zones or hurricane country, any structure has to... More

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Bracing Walls for Wind

You can frame a wall without hiring an engineer -- but plan review may give you... More

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A Modern Approach to Balloon Framing

How a short-handed crew streamlines wall building and keeps projects on schedule More

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A Framer's Guide to Shear Wall Construction

Tim Uhler explains how he builds braced walls that will meet code in seismic and... More

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Vertical or Horizontal Sheathing?

Most of the time you can install wall sheathing either way, as long as you... More

Sheathing and Sheer Panels Instruction

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Deep Rafters for a Massachusetts Passive House

The massive ridge beam and deep I-joist rafters in this custom Passive House aren’... More

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Building With Cross Laminated Timber

The solid CLT panels simplify making the building envelope airtight, and they help... More

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Do Overdriven Fasteners in ZIP Sheathing Need to be Taped?

Nail heads that penetrate the applied protective barrier on the face of the panels... More

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Reinforcing Old Framing

Q: We're remodeling a 1930s vintage San Diego home and have to seismically reinforce its cripple walls with plywood, shear transfer plates, and hold-downs. Because all the framing is very dry and most of the cripples measure only 1 foot to 2 feet in lengt More

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Q&A: Nailing Sheathing on Valley Roof Trusses

Q. We’re framing a gable-roofed house with roof trusses. The roof includes a bumpout with a smaller gable roof that intersects the main roof, forming two valleys. A valley set will be installed on top of the main roof sheathing. The sheathing along the valley doesn’t have blocking for continuous nailing, and I’d rather not nail sheathing to sheathing. Should I install blocking between the framing members of the valley set to provide better nailing? More

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