Air Conditioning

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Sizing Air Conditioners

To avoid callbacks, many hvac subs size air conditioners using methods that... More

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Chilling at Home

Ductless mini-splits offer efficient cooling and outstanding dehumidification,... More

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Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

Air-sealing, right-sizing, and smart controls are the keys More

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State of the Art HVAC

An Austin, Texas-based energy expert explains his five keys to flawless space... More

Air Conditioning Instruction

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Decoding Efficiency Units for Heat Pumps

Connor Dillon sorts out the differences between SEER, SEER2, HSPF, and COP, all of... More

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Latent Heat, Sensible Heat, and Cooling Loads

How does latent heat differ from sensible heat, and how does it affect the design... More

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How to Read a Manual-J Report

We all have heard of the importance of doing heat load calculations before... More

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My Low Pressure-Drop, MERV-13 Filters

With indoor air quality on everyone's minds these days, installing better filters... More

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Commissioning a Ventilation System

Commissioning is not a word we hear much in residential construction, but it's a... More

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