Cavity Fill

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Installing Dense-Pack Cellulose

This economical material both air-seals and insulates More

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Tightening Up a Two-Family House

Chasing down and fixing energy leaks in an old house can be tricky and expensive,... More

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Getting Quality From Fiberglass Insulation

To get the most from fiberglass batts, you have to start thinking about insulation at the framing stage and coordinate with other subcontractors. An insulation contractor explains. More

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A Troubled Tiny House

Building a small wooden structure on a steel trailer without considering climate... More

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Log Cabin Envelope Makeover

How a New England contractor replaced a deteriorating log exterior with a new,... More

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Dense-Packing Unvented Roofs

A weatherization expert explains how to successfully insulate an unvented roof... More

Cavity Fill Instruction

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Insulating a Header

Does insulation go on the inside or the outside of the header? Arguments can be... More

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Serious About Installing Batts

One major insulation manufacturer has stepped up to the plate to address the challenges of installing fiberglass batts well. More

Creating a Palette of Foam-Free Superinsulation Details

There’s more than one way to build a highly insulated, air-tight house—or to tighten up and super-insulate an existing home. Here’s a look at an evolving array of superinsulated details that don’t use spray foam. More

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Working With Roxul Insulation

A veteran contractor chose mineral wool insulation rather than cellulose for a... More

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