Insulating Foundations

JLC Field Guide: Insulating Foundations

Below-grade heat loss can be significant in colder climates. And as with any structure in the ground, you also have to pay close attention to water and moisture issues. But the marriage of moisture and insulation is not always a happy one.

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Insulating Foundations Featured Articles

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Warmer, Drier Basements

Superior Wallsí XiPlus foundation panels have an insulation value of R-21 More

Insulated Foundation for an Urban Infill Site

JLC visits the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain to see how Placetailor... More

Insulating Foundations Instruction

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Calculating FPSF Insulation Requirements

There are two good sources for designing frost-protected shallow foundations (FPSFs). More

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Retrofitting a Basement Door in a Cold Climate

If you want to cut out a doorway through a foundation, Steve Baczek has a strategy... More

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Warming up a Cold Concrete Slab Foundation

Here's how to retrofit insulation to the outside of a concrete slab, which is an... More

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Frost-Protected Shallow Garage Slab

Instead of excavating to below the frostline, insulate below the edge of the slab... More

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Insulating Basement Walls

Q. I'm doing a basement remodel and am thinking of finishing the block foundation walls by painting the masonry with Drylok, then adhering 4-mil poly over that. Next, I plan to fur the walls with Z-studs, put 2 inches of foil-faced polyiso board between t More

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