JLC Field Guide: Carpet

Carpet is classified by how its made and the type of fiber used on its face, and the face construction denotes how the yarn is attached to the backing.

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Carpet Featured Articles

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A Contractor's Guide to Carpeting

Laying carpet isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires preparation by the contractor and a knowledgeable installer. Also: Carpet and Air Quality More

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No-Callback Carpet Installation

Though it ultimately comes down to the carpet installer, there are measures the GC... More

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Carpet Instruction

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Installing Doors Before Carpet Is Laid

Use a slightly different approach when installing doors before carpeting. More

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Q&A: Carpet Over Ceramic Tile

Q: We are converting a restaurant kitchen into an office and need to install carpet over existing 6x6-inch ceramic tiles with 1/4-inch grout lines. The floor dips 3/4 inch near the floor drain. What product can we use to level this floor in preparation fo More

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Q&A: Mysterious Stripes on Carpet

Q: The homeowner living in a ranch house our company built five years ago is complaining of mysterious carpet staining, showing up as a stripe along the outside walls of some rooms. There do not appear to be any water leaks or problems with the gas applia More

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