Tim Healey

While PVC trim is available in most parts of the country, its use is most widespread in the cold and wet Northeast. It has become the trim material of choice with many contractors who build homes in places that are subject to harsh weather such as coastal areas. But because of its durability, low maintenance, and easy installation, use of PVC trim is bound to increase, especially as builders and subcontractors get used to working with it. Cutting and milling PVC is as easy as working with wood—maybe easier, given that PVC trim has no grain or imperfections.

Every PVC trim manufacturer states that its products do not require paint for protection—one of the major advantages that PVC has over wood. And most of the builders and remodelers we spoke with have installed PVC trim that was left unfinished. Josh Buesking, owner of Louisville Exteriors, in Crestwood, Ky., says that he often leaves the PVC...

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