The Delmhorst ProScan can read wood moisture content to a depth of 3/4 inch without marring finished surfaces.

In this Wood Floor Business article, certified wood flooring inspector Tim McCool explains how to properly test for moisture prior to a wood floor installation. He writes, "Many contractors who don't do any moisture testing, and many who do it aren't doing the testing correctly, or they aren't doing the recommended testing. Many fail to document the information correctly. There are a lot of contractors who have been lucky when installing wood flooring without proper moisture testing, but of course the ones I normally see are the ones who aren't lucky.

Any moisture testing is only as accurate as the time it's done, the environment it's done in, and the knowledge of the person—the knowledge to do the test correctly, have the proper products or tools to perform the test, and record and document all the information. If something goes wrong, as an inspector, I want all of the testing results you can supply—with documentation. Without documentation, it's like not having done the test at all."

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