Wood Flooring

JLC Field Guide: Wood Flooring

The elegance of hardwood is unparalleled as a flooring choice. However, if it's not installed correctly, floor squeaks, shrinkage or buckling can ruin the job.

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Wood Flooring Featured Articles

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Removing & Replacing Strip Flooring

Tips and tricks for blending new hardwood with an existing floor More

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Hardwood Flooring over Radiant Heat

Hardwood floors can perform well over radiant heat, but it takes careful hvac... More

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A Radical Approach to Protecting Finished Floors

Applying finish to the floor at the start of a job is unconventional, but it saves... More

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Controlling Floor Vibration

A floor system that complies with the IRC's deflection limits can still feel... More

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Installing Prefinished Strip Flooring

The prep work is the same as for unfinished strip flooring, but the installation... More

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Wood Flooring Instruction

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Dimensional Changes in Wood

How to calculate the changes for whatever pieces you might choose. More

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Fitting the Final Floor Board

Learn how to use a scribe block to get a perfect fit every time. More

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Expansion Space for Wood Floors?

Many of the “rules” regarding wood flooring installation are based on mythology... More

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Nailing Wood Flooring

Hammers, pneumatic nailers, and nailing machines all have their pros and cons. More

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Finishing Laminate Floors

Installing hardwood over a concrete slab requires extra care and special materials... More

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