Hammer & Hand is a 20-year-old construction company based in both Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash. Recently, its focus has been on Passive House construction, and it has built an impressive library of high-performance details that it uses to document and internally codify the company's standard operating procedures for construction practice. This isn't a secret document locked behind a paywall; in fact, the company has set up an easily-navigated digital resource for its employees, and encourages other builders to incorporate these proven details in their designs.

From the introduction to its Best Practices Manual:
To our industry colleagues: we share this manual in the spirit of collaboration. These details have been developed through extensive in-the-dirt experience and informed by building science training and practice. From our experience in the maritime Pacific Northwest, they combine durability, performance, and constructability. That said, we know there are several ways to solve any building problem, and also respect that responsibility for the design of construction details ultimately rests with the architect. The details in this manual can be a starting point for discussion as we collaborate with you on a project. And you are free to draw upon them in any project you are designing, regardless of whether we’re involved.

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