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Deep Trap Plumbing Problems

Why replacing a shallow sink basin with a deeper one may require moving the trap... More

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Exposed Gas Line

Q: A client wants to install an outdoor gas fireplace. The most logical route for the gas supply extends from a roof-mounted furnace 60 feet along an exterior parapet wall and then down. Are there any requirements for lightning protection in such an expos More

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Q&A: Removing Water Scale From Fixtures

Q: I’ve had several customers interested in salvage sinks and faucets for kitchen and bath remodels. However, most of these old fixtures are covered with water scale. What causes the scale buildup on kitchen and bath faucets and fixtures, and how can it be removed? More

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The Mysteries of Plumbing Drains Unveiled

Why do sewer gases back up into a home? How do you vent an island sink? What’s the difference between a vent stack and a stack vent? And much more. More

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