Water Supply

JLC Field Guide: Water Supply

Plumbing codes divide a house's water supply into two parts: the water service and the water distribution.

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Water Supply Featured Articles

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Getting Water From a Well

Dependable rural water supply starts with sizing the pump and using high-quality fittings. A master plumber explains the details. More

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Sizing Domestic Water Pipes

A master plumber provides a step-by-step method for sizing water supply pipes, based on code and common sense. More

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Efficient Hot-Water Piping

Save time, water, and energy with smarter layouts and by sizing the hot-water... More

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Faster Hot Water

Learn how to save water, energy, and time with an on-demand hot-water circulation... More

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Water Supply Instruction Articles

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Wastewater Heat Recovery Systems

Here’s how to make it less expensive to take a shower. More

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Best Connection for a Dishwasher Drain Hose

Why you should connect a dishwasher drain line to a sink drain instead of directly... More

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Venting a Sewage Ejector Tank

What are the rules for venting a sewage ejector tank that services basement... More

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Q&A: Polyethylene Water Service Pipe

Q: I would like to use black polyethylene water service pipe for plumbing in the crawlspace of a house that has a black poly service line. Are there any code limitations on using polyethylene pipe? More

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