Is Texas' "Miracle" Economy Built on Construction Worker Injuries?

A Texas Tribune investigative series casts a harshly critical eye on the state’s lack of safety practices to protect construction workers. More

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Creating an OSHA-Compliant Safety Program for a Homebuilding Construction Site

After a visit from OSHA, a design-build contractor learns how to do things by the... More

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Getting Pipe Staging Right

A contractor who depends on frame scaffolding for daily production shares his... More

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Relining Old Chimneys

Adding a poured liner to a shaky old chimney adds strength and safety while... More

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Staging High Work

New scaffolding products and personal safety gear make it easier than ever to perform high work safely. More

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Fall Protection Update

In an effort to make fall protection more practical, OSHA continues to refine its alternative strategies. A framing contractor explains how to work safely and meet the regs, but still get the job done. More

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Ladders - Top to Bottom

Should you buy aluminum, fiberglass, or wood? What size? And what do those ratings mean? A scaffolding contractor answers these and other questions about ladders, and describes the most useful accessories. More

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Pickup Truck Racks

Compared to the homemade variety, commercially made racks are more durable and more versatile — and they come with a wide selection of handy accessories. Here’s what’s available in both steel and aluminum truck racks. More

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Safe Scaffolding Options

Working contractors who cut corners on staging risk large fines and serious injury. A scaffolding sub explains how to safely set up pipe staging, pump jacks, and wall and roof brackets. More

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