Low-Slope Roofing Instruction Articles

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California Bungalow Makeover

New roots, new bones, new space, and a new roof: in Berkeley, California, Blue Dog... More

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Solving a Mysterious Leak on a 'Butterfly Roof'

How a tiny but ongoing and elusive leak in a TPO roofing membrane can lead to... More

Testing Florida's Gable-End Retrofit Rules

Since 2007, Florida has required contractors to reinforce the wall-to-roof... More

Strengthening Roof-to-Wall Connections

New Florida codes compel contractors to upgrade the roof-wall connections on... More

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Q&A: Stripping an EPDM Roof

Q. I have to strip off an EPDM roof. Is there anything special I need to know? More

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Proper Shingle Overhang

How far beyond the drip-edge should an asphalt shingle extend, and is the amount... More

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Q: Does EPDM roofing always need to be installed over polyisocyanurate insulation, or can it be installed directly over OSB? More

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Q&A: EPDM vs. Modified Bitumen Roofing

Q: Why is EPDM roofing so much more expensive than torch-applied modified bitumen? Is EPDM roofing that much better? More

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Q&A: Rx for Freezing Downspout

Q: A customer has a building with a nearly flat roof surrounded by a parapet. The roof drains to a single scupper, which conducts the water to a downspout. Ice builds up regularly in the downspout, and the water backs up and spills down the wall. What’s t More

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Q&A: Installing Asphalt Shingles on a Low-Slope Roof

Q: What is the minimum slope allowed for asphalt shingles? I have heard that asphalt shingles can be applied on a roof with a pitch as low as 2/12, as long as a rubberized asphalt eaves membrane is installed under the shingles. More

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