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Getting Into Hardscaping

Expand your deck business by partnering with a patio contractor More

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Treat or Replace Pet-Stained Subfloor?

Should subflooring that has been stained with dog urine be torn out and replaced before a new hardwood floor is installed? More

Wood Decks That Last

You can get great results with treated decking if you select, install, and... More

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Cash Buyers And Investors Drive Housing Market

The current housing recovery is driven by investors and cash buyers, not borrowers. More

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Testing Home Ductwork For Leaks

Current versions of the model code require air-tightness testing of heating and... More

TOOLS of the TRADEshow-STAFDA 2009 Edition

Last week I attended the 33rd annual STAFDA convention and trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Membership includes distributors, retailers, and manufacturers of light construction tools and related products. This show is always interesting for Tools of the Trade because it is where we find the latest in tools and equipment that relate closely to the trades of our readers. More

Practical Green for Coastal Homes

As green building grabs the attention of otherwise cautious home buyers, so does... More

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