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Proposal to Require Hot Water Pipe Insulation

To curtail wasted water and energy, the NRDC and the UA propose that all hot water piping systems in new buildings be insulated, such as those serving lavatories, showers, dishwashers, and kitchen sinks. More

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Los Angeles Will Require Reflective “Cool” Roofing

All new and remodeled roofs in Los Angeles will now be required to reflect sunlight, not absorb it. More

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Hougen HMD904 Magnetic Drill

A contractor reviews this portable drill, which when equipped with annular cutters... More

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Mega-Builders Consolidate As Recovery Takes Hold

High-profile acquisitions indicate growing financial strength among the nation’s biggest production homebuilders.With the homebuilding rebound two years old, the nation’s biggest builders are strengthening their grip on supplies of developed land. More

Track Saws for Deck Builders

As good as you might think you are with a circular saw, you'll make quicker and... More

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Los Angeles Ponders “Soft Story” Earthquake Retrofit Requirement

Los Angeles may follow San Francisco’s lead, requiring owners of apartment buildings to reinforce first floor structures. More

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Will The Shutdown Affect The Housing Market?

The effects of the stalemate in Washington will likely grow worse the longer it lasts. More

New Tax on Wood Creates Confusion in California

As of January 1, California retailers have been required to collect an extra one percent tax certain lumber products. Plywood, framing lumber, and unfinished decking are among the products subject to the tax. Doors, windows, trim, and other more heavily processed items are not. More

Hardware Chain Sues Home Depot and Power Tool Companies

Orchard Supply Hardware, a California hardware chain, is suing Home Depot, Makita, and Milwaukee Electric Tool in federal court for restraint of trade. Orchard claims Makita and Milwaukee cut off its supply of power tools shortly after Home Depot announced plans to lock up the supply of key hardware products to counter the threat posed by Amazon and other online retailers. More

Bad Wildfire Season Looms For Florida

Bad Wildfire Season Looms For Florida More

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