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Buying a Portable Generator

Get the right size machine with built-in GFCI protection and – if you need it –... More

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Builders sound off about competitive bidding; sealing poly with mastic; questions... More

Gulf States Face Winter Wildfire Risk

Gulf States Face Winter Wildfire Risk ~ More

IRS Steps Up Enforcement of Subcontractor Laws

IRS enforces subcontractor laws; in-house recycling; helpful Web site; more More

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JLC Report: Skepticism Greets California Green Building Code

Skepticism greets California’s green-building code; a closer look at green paints; Hitachi recalls coil framing nailers after injuries; more More

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JLC Report: Massachusetts To Require Continuing Education for Relicensing

Massachusetts requires continuing education for relicensing; FEMA’s redrawn flood... More

Are the Wood Treatment Wars Over?

The withdrawal in 2004 of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) from the residential... More

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Leak-free chimney; stainless steel screws and copper; subslab vapor-barrier... More

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