Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL

South Florida Towns Grapple with Unlicensed Short-Term Rental Issue

With town resources tight, neighbors are banding together in opposition to short-term rentals in beachfront areas. But some residents say, “Live and let live.” More

Miami Beach Fights High Tide with New Pumps

Facing a long-term problem with rising sea levels, the city of Miami Beach is installing new water pumps in low-lying areas. They may see action at the next full moon. More

Vinyl, Composite, and PVC Fencing

Improved quality and durability has fueled demand for fencing that’s not made of wood More

Two Great Cities, Two Sea-Level Rise Problems

New York and Miami both face a long-term threat from rising seas, and billions of dollars are at stake. Here’s a look at their problems, and their approaches to a solution. More

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MFM Offers Underlayment Co-Branding Program

Could co-branding be the right extension for your marketing efforts? These... More

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Settling With All the Right Parties

If you have to settle out of court, be sure you cover all your bases. More

Miami At Risk for Sea Level Rise

Its low-lying location and porous stone underpinnings make Miami, Florida, a risky location as sea levels rise. More

Florida Looks for Flood Insurance Alternatives

Rising premiums are putting the squeeze on Florida homeowners, and state lawmakers are looking for alternatives. More

Miami Ponders its Future on the Edge of a Higher Sea

If you live in Miami, you already might already have to wade to your car during high tides. So wWith seas on the rise, what does the future hold? More

High Tides Mean Soggy Streets in Miami Beach

It doesn’t take sea level rise to make for wet streets in Miami Beach—just a high tide. More

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