Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

Nitrile Work Gloves

These thin grippy gloves provide moderate protection from the cold without feeling... More

Jobsite from the Air

A Washington deck builder recently equipped a DJI Flamewheel F450 quadcopter with... More

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Seattle Cop Becomes Drywaller For Undercover Labor Bust

An undercover operation has resulted in charges against a Washington State drywall contractor for underpaying and threatening workers. More

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Stabilizing a Brick Exterior

Unstable brick is tied to the floor framing with standard hold downs, threaded rod... More

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Reinvent the Toilet Fair - High Tech Sanitation for the Future

Bill Gates hosted the Reinvent the Toilet Fair in Seattle where 8 prototypes of a... More

High Reach Excavator Accident

Gil Olson was operating a high reach excavator on a demolition job in Seattle when a 10-by-30-foot section of concrete came loose and fell 8 stories onto the cab. More

Foul Weather Work Wear

It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest and we can't stop working just because it is wet. I don't mind working in the rain, but I do mind being uncomfortable – so for me, good rain gear is an important part of my tool kit. More

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Open-Joint Siding

In the Seattle area, where I work, we get a lot of rain. From the mid-90s to the... More

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Is Rain-Screen Siding Worth the Effort?

It's good insurance against problems caused by wind-driven rain, but experts wonder whether the additional cost is necessary. More

First Test: Nailing With Nitrogen

Senco's new Fusion trim nailers operate unlike any drive system you've seen before... More

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