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Can the Housing Market Recover?

Sales of newly built homes surged last month to the highest level since 2008. But overall the housing market's slipped. More

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Monitoring Home Performance

Certain home performance problems are hard to catch because you may not be at the... More

Time Lapse: Framing, Trimming, and Standing a Rake Wall

The most efficient way to do the work is flat on the deck and without a big crew. More

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Masonry Through-Wall Flashing at Windows

Enclosing an open second-story deck above a kitchen with through-wall flashing poses some unique challenges. More

Compared to Dave Kloke’s Hobby, Your Hobby is Lame

Would you have the tools and know-how to build an1860s locomotive from scratch? More

A Floating D.C. Neighborhood Thrives — But for How Long?

The Gangplank Marina on the Washington, D.C., waterfront is home to an unlikely community of full-time boat dwellers. But a redevelopment plan means they may have to move. More

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Hillyer Place Remodel

Michael Sauri, owner of TriVista USA, walks you through a unique basement remodel... More

New Numbers for Southern Pine — but Only the Two-by-Fours
History In Hand

Peter Liebhold must have a million tools. As the curator of the Division of Work... More

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