2013 Issues

January-February 2013 January-February 2013

In this issue: Getting Started With Social Media — Rehabbing a Rotted Porch Stair — Framing Decks With Steel

March-April 2013 March-April 2013

In this issue: Installing Pavers — Upgrade to a Tiered Fascia — Joist Layout for Stronger Decks — A Deck Builder's Tool Kit

May-June 2013 May-June 2013

In this issue: Lateral Load Connections — 18-Volt Brushless Impact Drivers — Tips for Building Arbors

July-August 2013 July-August 2013

In this issue: Building a Cedar Pergola — Restoring a Round Porch — Block Retaining Walls

September-October 2013 September-October 2013

In this issue: Building Curved Decks — Stronger Post-to-Beam Connections — Free Deck Design Software

November 2013 November 2013

In this issue: Why You Need a Track Saw — Better Wood Decks — What's New With Railings

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