1986 Issues

January 1986 January 1986

In this issue: A Little Heat — Fresh Air, No Drafts — Radiant Heat — Roof Pitch and Building Form, Part I — The Swedish Solution

February 1986 February 1986

In this issue: A Tale of Two Contractors — Bathroom Lighting — Can't Collect? Lien On 'Em — Feds To Sell FHA? — Managing the Family Owned Business — Roof Pitch and Building Form, Part II — Running a Business from the Customer's Point of View — Some Little Known Tools of the Trade — The Insurance...

March 1986 March 1986

In this issue: Crawl Spaces: There Oughta Be a Law — Curing the Leaky Foundation — NAHB Convention Report — The New Concrete Technologies — The Oxygen-Diffusion Debate — Working with Stone Foundations

April 1986 April 1986

In this issue: A Framing Primer — Ignoring New Technologies Can Cost You — Steel vs. Wood — The House that Homer Hurst Built — Training on the Right Track

May 1986 May 1986

In this issue: Advanced Residential Construction: NESEA Conference Report — Designing Roofs for Snow Load — Fire-Rated Roofs: Answers to Those Burning Questions — How to Be a Flashing Success — Vapor Barriers: Putting the Rumors to Rest

June 1986 June 1986

In this issue: A Guide to Scaffolding Systems — Repairing Stucco — The Case of the Disappearing R-Value — Wood Siding Over Foam: An Update

July 1986 July 1986

In this issue: A Builder's Guide to Water Testing — On-Site Sewage Systems: A Look at the Options — Waterproofing Choices — Well, Well, Well

August 1986 August 1986

In this issue: Low-Tech Building Techniques for Energy-Efficient Housing — Passive Solar Stages a Comeback — Recipe for Heating Comfort: Mix It Well Over a Low Flame — Wet Insulation: More Moisture Myths Unmasked

September 1986 September 1986

In this issue: Communication: The Key to Remodeling Success — Conference Report: Timber Framers' Guild — Confessions of a Renovator — Delicate Demolition — How Retrofitting Can Hurt Bricks — Sound Advice on Renovations

October 1986 October 1986

In this issue: How to Control Sound Transmission Through Floors — Mastering Drywall — Soundproofing Principles, Practices & Pitfalls — The Art & Science of Stair Design — Using Less Glass With More Thought — Veneer Plaster: A Premium Finish in One Step

November 1986 November 1986

In this issue: A Guide to Plastic Laminates — Auto-Faucets & Euro-Cabinets — New Plumbing Code: Cutting Costs or Cutting Corners? — Scribing with a Router — Thin-Set Ceramic Tile — What's Wrong with Builders' Kitchens? — Lifting Lavs & Electronic Tubs

December 1986 December 1986

In this issue: A Contractor's Guide to Asbestos — In Search of Simple, Low-Cost Ventilation — The Chimney Safety/Heat-Loss Dilemma — Tuning Up New Heating Systems — Update on Plastic Plumbing

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