September 1986 Table of Contents

Communication: The Key to Remodeling Success

Spell out your expectations and commitments at the beginning, or be prepared for misunderstandings that can mushroom into financial disaster. H enri de Marne proves his point with two case studies. Read more

Conference Report: Timber Framers' Guild

Roving Editor Paul Hanke expected a mass melee over the topic of stress skins, but he found a good old celebration of timber- framing finesse instead. Read more

Confessions of a Renovator

How a starry-eyed-builder learned the hard way about architects, customer relations and 100-year-old farmhouses. Roland Merullo tells all. Read more

Delicate Demolition

There's more to demolition than sawing, sledging and hoping for the b est. Engineer Harris Hyrnan reviews the principles and techniques of removing part of a standing structure. Read more

How Retrofitting Can Hurt Bricks

Canadian correspondent Jon Eakes explains how adding insulation to a brick wall or masonry foundation can do more harm than good—unless you deal with moisture movement first. Read more

Sound Advice on Renovations

During renovation is an ideal time to improve sound control in a building. Author Jon Eakes explains simple, inexpensive techniques for keeping rooms quiet. Read more

On The House

What Do Test Pits Really Tell Us? Detecting 'Hidden' Damage in Wood, Insulating Under Aluminum Siding Read more

Building With Style: The Art of Blending Old & New Structures

How curves and open spaces made this house "sing." Read more

In Business: Covering Your Costs in Renovation Work

Often-overlooked items that should be included in any accurate rehab bid. Read more

The Legal Column: Post-Bid Surprises

Protecting yourself from surprises. Read more

Focus on Energy: A 'Pep' Talk on House Doctoring

Princeton Energy Partners: a profile. Read more

Restoration Primer: The Hazards of Home Repair

Safety and health considerations in renovation work. Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Case in Point: Look Before You Renovate

Structural considerations when "undoing" work. Read more

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