1987 Issues

January 1987 January 1987

In this issue: Conference Report: Small Business Forum — Running out of Time — Small Builders: A Progress Report — Special Report: Chimney Wars — To Stick-Build or Panelize? — Kitchen & Bath: Kitchens by Computer

February 1987 February 1987

In this issue: A Rotting Timber Frame — Conference Report: How Tight Is Too Tight? — Engineered Lumber — Rx for Wood Decay and Insects — Wood Basics

March 1987 March 1987

In this issue: Blasting Ledge — Clean Fill Wanted — Concrete Admixtures — Floating Slabs for Unheated Buildings — Foundations: Structural Basics — Leakproof Basements — Son of Ultrathin Slabs

April 1987 April 1987

In this issue: Bracing Walls: What Works Best? — Defeating Deflection — Installing Stressed-Skin Panels — Raising the Roof — Truss Collapse — When the Framing Shrinks

May 1987 May 1987

In this issue: Cutting Jack Rafters — Flashing Primer — Mystery of the Ghost Lines — Roofs: Structural Basics — Single-Plies for Small Jobs — Truss Bracing — Wood Shakes and Shingles

June 1987 June 1987

In this issue: Building With Brick — How Insulation Can Peel Your Paint — Looking at Buildings — Restoring Historic Windows — Special Report: Fire Codes and Foam Plastics — Synthetic Stucco & Insulation Systems — Vinyl Siding Revisited

July 1987 July 1987

In this issue: Computers: What Good Are They Anyway? — Energy Design and PCs — Learning Computers the Hard Way — Low-Cost CAD — Megabytes to Motherboards: A Friendly Guide to Computer Hardware — Picking the Right Software

August 1987 August 1987

In this issue: Finding the Flaws in Superinsulation — Grilles & Registers: Warm-Air Layout Tips — Photo-What? — Spray It: Two New Approaches to High-Performance Insulation — Tight Construction Made Easier — What's the Best Heating System? — Zero-Clearance Fireplaces

September 1987 September 1987

In this issue: Chimney Relining Options — How to Remodel Around Electrical Systems — Keeping the Paint On — Misreading a House — New Life for Rotten Timbers — The Biggest Trick of the Trade: Getting a Permit — The Bright Idea

October 1987 October 1987

In this issue: A Radon Guide for New Construction — Fighting Fire With Good Design — Lighting Basics — Sandblasting Saves Time and Money — Self-Leveling Underlayments — Shopping for Pre-Built Stairs

November 1987 November 1987

In this issue: Barrier-Free Design — Bathroom Venting that Works — Installing Frameless Cabinets — Kitchen Design Trends and Techniques — New Ceramic Tile Technologies — The Mysteries of Plumbing Drains Unveiled — Why You Need Membranes Under Ceramic Tile

December 1987 December 1987

In this issue: Choosing and Using the Right Saw Blade — Jacks, Hoists & Pulleys — Power Nailers and Staplers — Protecting Ears, Eyes, and Lungs — Table Saw Tactics — Why Don't They Make a Tool That...

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