November 1989 Table of Contents

Cabinet Refacing: The Big Cover-Up

Refacing offers an economical alternative to a complete kitchen overhaul. The results can be attractive and the jobs profitable. Read more

Leakproof Shower Pans

A veteran tile contractor describes his favorite pan materials and techniques for a durable, leak-free job. Read more

New Products Put on the Glitz

New k&b products continue their upscale climb at this year’s industry show. JLC contributor Pat Galvin looks at the pick of the glitter. Read more

Sauna Design & Construction

Popular with Finns since the time of the Roman Empire, these retreats have found a new popularity in U.S. health clubs and homes. Here’s how to select and install one. Read more

Saving Water Pays Dividends

The conventional wisdom says that a business suffers if water-saving devices are mandated. This resort developer disagrees and has five years of success to prove his point. Read more

Tips for Trouble-Free Tile

Tile work is expensive and highly visible. Whether you do your own work or sub it ot, these tips from an expert tile-setter will help keep you out of trouble. Read more

Is Vinyl Moisture-Proof

Is Vinyl Moisture-Proof Read more

For What It's Worth

The Journal's pick of curious, interesting and useful products. Read more

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