March 1990 Table of Contents

Getting Power to the Site

Whether you have an electrician make up a temporary pole, rent one, or make a deal with a neighbor, safety should be a primary concern. Here’s one contractor’s approach. Read more

Life & Death of a Building Lot 'Subject to Perc'

Soil experts think many suitable building lots are passed over due to arbitrary perc-test regs. We examine the testing procedures and how they are used and abused. Read more

Lots of Opportunity

There are inherent risks - and opportunities - in buying and holding land. Three builders describe how they cope with the prices and pressures in their individual markets. Read more

Repairing Stone Foundations

Two masons with extensive experience repairing stonework discuss how stone walls fail in house and barn foundations and how to repair them. Read more

Seismic Bracing

Stiffening up cripple-walls and other structural components is vital to retrofitting homes for earthquake protection. Here are practical steps from an expert. Read more

Shallow Foundations: Beating the Frost

An energy-conscious Iowa contractor tells how his switch to frost-protected shallow footings cut his foundation costs while maintaining quality and energy savings. Read more

For What It's Worth

Foundation Cover-up Read more

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