1991 Issues

January 1991 January 1991

In this issue: Building Stairs with Stock Parts: Part I — Case Study: Estimating by the Stick — Interview: Hiring and Handling Subs — Keep-It-Simple Accounting for the Mac — No Job Too Small — Plastic Tub-Shower Units

February 1991 February 1991

In this issue: Bench Test: 12-Volt Cordless Drill — Building Stairs with Stock Parts: Part II — Choosing the Right Dust Mask — Coping With Product Callbacks — Getting Practical About Job Site Safety — Moisture Problems: Five Case Studies — On Site in Japan: Observations of A U.S. Framer — Survey...

March 1991 March 1991

In this issue: A Woman's Guide to Survival in the Building Trades — Case Study: A Wooden Grade Beam — Foundation Layout by Transit — Managing for Quality Control — Steel-Stud Partitions — Timber Retaining Walls That Last — Turning Trash Into Cash

April 1991 April 1991

In this issue: Brick Veneer & Steel Studs: Performance Questions — Choosing Steel Tools — Fast & Accurate Wall Framing — First Aid Basics for Builders — Hollow-Wall Fasteners — Installing Bay Windows — Taking the Bounce Out of Floors and Beams

May 1991 May 1991

In this issue: Flat Roof Repair Guide — Framing Tower Roofs — Panic Bar Primer — Shopping for Custom Trusses — Simple Ventilation for Tight Houses — The Perils of Design/Build

June 1991 June 1991

In this issue: Building to Ledge with Foam Forms — Decks of Distinction — Detail: No Wimpy Cornices — Economical Wood Siding — Group Therapy for Remodelers — Painting Lessons — Tool Survey Results

July 1991 July 1991

In this issue: Custom Mantels From Stock Moldings — How Do I Use My Computer? — Making Computers Earn Their Keep: Four Case Studies — New Numbers for Dimensional Lumber — Retrofit Sound Control — Survey Results: Contractors and Computers — When Walls Go Round

August 1991 August 1991

In this issue: Cathedral Ceiling Solutions — Clearing the Kitchen Air — Detail: Best Energy-Efficient Wall Design — Engineered Beams & Headers — Good Help Wanted — Installing Fixed Glass — Working the Bugs Out of High-Efficiency HVAC

September 1991 September 1991

In this issue: A Victorian Cupola — Concrete Cutting & Drilling — How Big is a House — Interview: Demolition With Care — Introduction to Critical Path — Plumbing Pointers for Remodelers — Unit-Cost Estimating for Remodeling

October 1991 October 1991

In this issue: Case Study: Timber Frame Fiasco — Detail: Two Classic Trim Styles — Employee Benefits That Work — Field Guide to Common Framing Errors — Keeping Scaffolds Safe — On Site With Gypsonite — Waterborne Finishes for Hardwood Floors

November 1991 November 1991

In this issue: A Kitchen Installer's Tips — Bath Design Basics — Detail: Site-Built Medicine Cabinet — Married to the Business — New K&B Products: More Choices, More Questions — The Down & Dirty on DWV — The Practical Healthy House

December 1991 December 1991

In this issue: Builder's Guide to Common Code Violations — Door Hanging Jigs — Five Steps to Better Remodeling Sales — Shopping for Entry Doors — Window Technology Update

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