1992 Issues

January 1992 January 1992

In this issue: Ceramic Tile Troubleshooting — Electrical Handbook for Remodelers — Quick Bids for Small Jobs — The Nuts & Bolts of Timber Framing — Why I Keep My Own Books — Working hard for your employees

February 1992 February 1992

In this issue: Building Walls in the Shop — Building With Structural Foam Panels — Details for Successful Stucco — Home Automation Outlook — Keeping Track of Labor Costs — Top Ten Job-Site Questions

March 1992 March 1992

In this issue: Dry Wall Trim: Beyond Cornerbead — Innovations in Hydronic Heating — Interview: Growth Without the Pain — Laying the Groundwork: Tips From an Excavator — One-Step Stem Wall Foundations — Two-Car Garage Shop

April 1992 April 1992

In this issue: Change Orders for Design/Builders — Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Removing Collar Ties — Keeping the "Natural Look" on Wood Siding — Maintaining Your Body for the Long Run — Sizing Built-Up Wood Headers — Steelwork in Wood Frames

May 1992 May 1992

In this issue: A Practical Guide to Kitchen Lighting — Building a Rooftop Deck — Low-Profile Ridge Vents — Remodeling for Accessibility — Subbing Out Everything — When the Cut Goes Beyond 45

June 1992 June 1992

In this issue: Designing a Porch That Fits — EIFS Performance Review — Keeping Track of Overhead — Low-Cost Metal Roofing — New From Canada: Icynene Insulation — To Paint or Stain?

July 1992 July 1992

In this issue: A Team Approach to Design/Build — Blueprint Reading Tips — Elevating the Ranch — Mediation: Peaceful Solutions to Client Disputes — Pouring Successful Slabs — Retail Rehab

August 1992 August 1992

In this issue: A Finish Carpenter's Wish List — Finding Hidden Heat Leaks — Radiant Slab Techniques — Remodeling Stress Syndrome — Shopping for Setback Thermostats — The One-Man Crew — Timber Ceilings in Stick-Built Houses

September 1992 September 1992

In this issue: A Builder's Guide to Wood-Destroying Insects — Flitchplates — How to (Almost) Turn a Profit in Spec Remodeling — How to Write Ironclad Contracts — Ramps and the ADA — Recraft: An Environmentally-Friendly House

October 1992 October 1992

In this issue: 10th Anniv letter — Interview: Rafter Framing with Wood I-Beams — Leakproof Shower Pans — Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete — Sill Repair & Jacking — Sub or Employee? — Ten Tough Energy Questions — Wood Shakes & Shingles

November 1992 November 1992

In this issue: Coping With Shrinking Wood Callbacks — Flashing a Chimney the Right Way — Glass Block in the Bathroom — Kitchen Design Basics — New Products for Kitchen and Bath — Putting Your Punchlist to Work

December 1992 December 1992

In this issue: A Compact Job-Site Shop — Epoxy Concrete Repair — Finish Nailers: Hands-On Review — Safe Wiring With GFCIs — The Cadillac of Filing Systems

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