1995 Issues

January 1995 January 1995

In this issue: Cold Weather-Concreting — Energy-Saving Products for Energy-Efficient Homes — Getting Started With Computers — Heard at the Show: Business Tips for Remodelers — Prefinished Hardwood Flooring — The Safe Bathroom

February 1995 February 1995

In this issue: Brushing Up on Water-Based Paints — Case Study: Framing an Engineered Floor — Scribing for a Perfect Fit — Selecting Quality Customers: The Art of Prequalification — Taking Care of Business — Tips for Custom-Milled Trim — Problem-Solving Tools and Materials

March 1995 March 1995

In this issue: Custom Built-In Cabinets — Foundation Waterproofing Options — Piping Layouts for Hydronic Heat — Preventing Ice Dam Leaks — Sonotube Tips — Training Lead Carpenters

April 1995 April 1995

In this issue: Detail: Air-Sealing Truss Floors — Making Sense of Your Balance Sheet — Setting Trusses: Tips From the Tracks — Slab-on-Grade Foundations — Taking Care of Business — Ten Common Framing Flaws — Woodburning Technology Update — Working With Your Blasting Contractor

May 1995 May 1995

In this issue: Adding Ventilation to Forced-Air Heat — Flashing the Tough Spots — Framing a Complex Gambrel — Kitchen Design Solutions: Before and After — Planning for Growth — Tools of the Home Inspector

June 1995 June 1995

In this issue: Building With Glulams — Case Study: Roof Ventilation Retrofit — Installing Stone Counters — On Site With PrimeTrim — One-Coat Stucco — Tips and Techniques From JLC-LIVE!

July 1995 July 1995

In this issue: Exterior Trim: Design Basics — Layout Tricks for Rough Openings — Radiant Slab on a Tight Budget — Safety Lessons Learned — Starting a Safety Program — Suit Up OSHA-Style

August 1995 August 1995

In this issue: Air-Sealing The Story-and-a-Half — Common Roof-Framing Errors — Hot-Weather Concreting — Pricing For Profit — Simple Whole-House Ventilation — Troubleshooting Water Heaters

September 1995 September 1995

In this issue: Controlling Costs With Allowances — Fiberglass vs. Cellulose: Making the Choice — Installing Cabinets Solo — NKBA's 27 Principles of Bath Design — Raising a Small Shed Dormer — Wood I-Joist Do's and Don'ts

October 1995 October 1995

In this issue: Estimating Basics for Remodelers — Reciprocating Saw Update — Remodelers' Guide to Lead Paint — Site Skills for Job Foremen — The Complete Coverup — Transit Tips

November 1995 November 1995

In this issue: Beating the Big Chill — Design Rules For Adding On — Interview: Managing Subs — Making Room at the Top — New Laws New Lights — Sturdy Site-Built Stairs

December 1995 December 1995

In this issue: Duct Design Basics — Making Walls Watertight — On Site With Parallam — Plug-In Electrical Testers — Step by Step With Foam Forms

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