1996 Issues

January 1996 January 1996

In this issue: Fall Protection: Complying with OSHA's New Rules — Leakproof Flashings for Masonry Chimneys — Membranes for Ceramic Tile — Software for Builders That Works — Vented vs. Unvented Roofs: The Great Debate

March 1996 March 1996

In this issue: Building a Round Room — Controlling Cracks in Concrete Slabs — Estimating Rules of Thumb — Simple Layout for Hillside Foundations — Survival Tips for Downtown Remodelers

April 1996 April 1996

In this issue: Builder to Builder: JLC Business Survey — Fighting for Inches: A Guide to Small Bathroom Design — Framing Details for Wood Shrinkage — Job-Site Wood Glues — Leveling the Deck — Rewiring Old Houses — Skylight Options and Accessories

May 1996 May 1996

In this issue: Exterior Trim: Alternatives to Solid Wood — Hip Rafter Layout Basics — Low-Voltage Lighting — Roof Tile Fasteners for High-Wind Regions — Sales for People Who Don't Like Selling

June 1996 June 1996

In this issue: Caulking Joints in Masonry — Getting Burned by a Client: Lessons Learned — Profiting from Panelized Construction — Quiet Bathroom Fans — Working With Laminated Veneer Lumber

August 1996 August 1996

In this issue: Durable Substrates for Thinset Tile — Fast Fascia Techniques — Innovative Pneumatic Fasteners — Installing Sprinkler Systems — Sizing Air Conditioners — Window Trim for Thick Walls

July 1996 July 1996

In this issue: Avoiding Foundation Failures — Evolution and Revolution: Three Stages of Growth for Construction Companies — Fine-Tuning Entry Door Locksets — Flat Roof Framing Options — Maintaining Your Tools — New-Technology Tools & Materials

September 1996 September 1996

In this issue: Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations — Going Belly Up: A Builder Looks Back — Quality Vinyl Floors — Quick Kitchen Estimates — The Ultimate Stick-Built Wall — For What It's Worth

October 1996 October 1996

In this issue: Carbon Monoxide Detectors — Foolproof Handrail Layout — Getting the Most for Your Insulation Dollar — Office Basics for Field Carpenters — Specialty Finishes for Concrete Slabs — Well-Drilling Basics

November 1996 November 1996

In this issue: Common Electrical Inspection Failures — Contracting Without a Crew — Hanging And Finishing Drywall — Installing EPDM Rubber Roofs — Solid Surface Update — The Invisible Addition

December 1996 December 1996

In this issue: Contractor Table Saws — Plywood vs. OSB — Safe Scaffolding Options — Temporary Site Lighting — Venting Details for Cathedral Ceilings

February 1996 February 1996

In this issue: Foolproof Change Orders — Heating System Tuneups — Presentation Drawings for Design-Build — Site-Built Modular Addition — Tips for a Perfect Floor Finish — Working with Architects

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