August 1996 Table of Contents

Durable Substrates for Thinset Tile

Behind every attractive tile job is a durable substrate. A master tiler shows how proper use of backerboard and waterproof membranes ensures a lasting finish at tubs, countertops, and floors. Read more

Fast Fascia Techniques

When you’re getting paid by the linear foot, you learn how to work quickly and methodically. A California carpenter reveals his hard-won tricks for hanging fascia without a helper. Read more

Innovative Pneumatic Fasteners

As the popularity of pneumatic nail guns increases, so does the range of fasteners. The Journal examines the newest materials and designs. Read more

Installing Sprinkler Systems

In the U.S., a residential fire starts every 68 seconds. To prevent loss of life, some municipalities are beginning to require sprinklers in new homes. Here’s what you need to know before you design and install a working system. Read more

Sizing Air Conditioners Sizing Air Conditioners

To avoid callbacks, many hvac subs size air conditioners using methods that inflate the cooling load. The result is an oversized unit that cools the air, but operates inefficiently and does a poor job of reducing indoor humidity. Three energy engineers explain how to achieve proper cooling without oversizing. Read more

Window Trim for Thick Walls

Thick energy-efficient walls call for special treatment of window jambs and trim. Whether the finish is stucco, drywall, or wood, these three builders have developed details that work. Read more


Balancing cost and good design, working downtown Read more

Eight-Penny News

A closer look at hardboard siding, cellulose insulation guarantee, Humvees for sale Read more

Q&A: Polybutylene Piping: Time Bomb?

Q: I have used polybutylene piping in many of my construction projects ( including my own home). After reading about a pending class-action lawsuit against the piping manufacturers, I’m concerned, and I don’t feel I’m getting the straight story from my plumbers or supply houses. Have I unknowingly created a time bomb? Read more

Q&A: Wood Glue: Okay After Freezing?

Q: We use a yellow carpenter’s glue for wood-to-wood gluing chores. Every winter, I invariably leave the container in my truck overnight, and the glue freezes. Can this glue be thawed and used after it has frozen? Read more

Q&A: Sump for Foundation Drain Q&A: Sump for Foundation Drain

Q: Should an exterior perimeter drain be connected to an interior drain and sump pit? Read more

Business Forum: Buying Disability Insurance

Guide to buying disability insurance Read more

Legal Column: Getting a Fair Shake

Getting paid for imperfect work Read more

Kitchen & Bath
For What It's Worth

No-scrape masking tape, zipper for poly door, gas-powered circular saw kit, improved clamp lamp Read more

Toolbox: Welding Basics

Small, portable arc-welder Read more

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