1997 Issues

January 1997 January 1997

In this issue: Allowance Pricing That Works — Alternative Septic Systems — Latex Enamel Problems & Solutions — On-Demand Water Heaters — Roof Framing with Wood I-Joists

February 1997 February 1997

In this issue: Controlling Termites and Carpenter Ants with Borates — Energy-Efficient Cathedral Ceilings — Engineered Studs for Tall Walls — Extreme Stucco — Preventing Tile Failures — Remodeling Basements

March 1997 March 1997

In this issue: Flattening Walls for Paneling — On Site With Polymer Moldings — Pinning to Ledge — Plastic Plumbing comes of age — Reinventing the Ranch

April 1997 April 1997

In this issue: Compacting Problem Soils — Fifteen Rules of Remodeling — Framing for Corner Windows — Seismic Support for Old Foundations — Trouble-Free Stairs — Watertight Skylights in Metal Roofs

May 1997 May 1997

In this issue: Fast, Accurate Trim — Framing Recessed Ceilings — Heard at the Show — Long-Lasting Wood Roofs — Prep Work for Clear Finishes — Profiting From Insurance Work

June 1997 June 1997

In this issue: Controlling Termites — Detail: Trimming Bifold Doors — Durable Details Vinyl Siding — Installing Hip Roof Trusses — Truck Bed Toolboxes

July 1997 July 1997

In this issue: Building With Foam-Core Panels — Detail: A Hidden Newel Post — Farewell to Competitive Bidding — Fast Precast Foundations — Special Report: Vent-Free Gas Heaters -- How Safe? — New-Tech Tools and Materials

August 1997 August 1997

In this issue: Alternative Roofing Materials — Controlling Moisture in Mixed Climates — Designing Kitchen Islands — Detail: Making Curved Flooring on Site — Medical Emergencies on the Job — Pouring a Shallow Frost-Protected Slab

September 1997 September 1997

In this issue: Patching Stucco — Radiant Walls and Ceilings for the Bath — Setting Up QuickBooks Pro for Construction — Stacking Supported Valleys — Tying Down the House

October 1997 October 1997

In this issue: A Remodeler Takes on New Construction — Avoiding Moisture Problems in Cooling Climates — Case Study: A Retrofit Ridge Beam — Choosing High-Performance Caulks — Detail: Site-Built Storm Doors — Job-Site Procedure Manuals — Pressure-Treated Foundation Repair

November 1997 November 1997

In this issue: Big Bang Low Bucks Marketing — Building Technology: Fifteen Years of Change — Curing Crawlspace Moisture Problems — Getting Started With Brick Veneer — Hydro-Air Heating Options — Managing Multiple Jobs

December 1997 December 1997

In this issue: Building Cabinets On Site — JLC Live! West Coast Edition — New 15-Guage Finish Nailers — Pickup Truck Racks — Replacing a Main Carrying Beam — Working Smarter With Lead Carpenters

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