1998 Issues

January 1998 January 1998

In this issue: Communicating with Clients — Jambs & Thresholds For Fat Walls — Mission Almost Impossible — On-Site With Fiber-Cement Siding — Remodeling a Bungalow

February 1998 February 1998

In this issue: A Practical Approach to Construction Computing — Adding On Above the Garage — Installing Laminate Floors — Plumbing Pitfalls — Selecting Replacement Windows

March 1998 March 1998

In this issue: A Simple System for Turning a Profit — Clear Finishes for Interior Woodwork — CO Leaks Causes & Cures — Flashing a Leakproof Valley — Structural Slabs With Foam Forms — Update: Engineered Lumber

April 1998 April 1998

In this issue: Case Study: Rain Screen Siding Retrofit — Commonsense Safety: Lessons Learned — Cordless Finish Nailers — Framing Rake Walls — Frequently Asked Framing Questions — Mortar Bed Shower Floors

May 1998 May 1998

In this issue: Case Study: Hydronic Heat Retrofit — Framing a Bay Window Roof — Jacking Old Houses — Managing for Maximum Productivity — Shared Septic Systems — Shop-Built Trim for Doors and Windows

June 1998 June 1998

In this issue: Building Above Grade With ICFs — Practical Lighting Design — Retrofitting Skylights — Rot-Resistant Decking Options — Solutions to Common Framing Problems — Spreadsheet Basics

July 1998 July 1998

In this issue: 10 Remodeling Sales Myths — Building Cornice Returns — Troubleshooting Common Chimney Problems — Using CPVC Piping for Fire Sprinklers — Working With Thin Solid Surfacing — Innovative tools and materials

August 1998 August 1998

In this issue: Cash accounting with Quickbooks Pro — Job-Site Power: Handle With Care — Ladders - Top to Bottom — Laying Out Unequally-Sloped Gables — Quick Foundation Repair — Shedding Light on Lasers

September 1998 September 1998

In this issue: Building Distinctive Decks — Choosing Concrete Anchors — Faster Drywall Finishing With No-Coat — Hardwood Flooring Over Radiant Heat — Installing Water-Managed Synthetic Stucco — Writing a Company Manual

October 1998 October 1998

In this issue: Common Construction Defects — Interview: Spec Remodeling Strategies: Tips from a Pro — New Portable Table Saws — Organizing the Small Construction Office — Special Report: Insect Infestations in Buried Foam — Stucco Flashing Details

December 1998 December 1998

In this issue: Fast Trim Without a Tape — Installing Gable Roof Trusses — Site Test: Coil Siding Nailer — Trouble-Free Forced-Air Heat — Year-End Tax Tips

November 1998 November 1998

In this issue: Getting Change Orders Under Control — Housewrap vs. Felt — Sneak Preview: New Tools for '99 — The Four-Day Bath Remodel — Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat

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