April 2004 Table of Contents

Practical Engineering: Building Strong Garage Door Walls Practical Engineering: Building Strong Garage Door Walls

Not enough room for a full sheet of sheathing on each side of the garage door? Here's how to develop the required lateral bracing with end panels as narrow as 16 inches. Read more

A Curved Porch on a Grand Scale A Curved Porch on a Grand Scale

A Rhode Island builder uses an I-joist layout grid to ensure accurate layout of the column piers for a complex porch. Read more

Gypsum-Board Firewalls Gypsum-Board Firewalls

A multifamily builder finds that gypsum-board area separation walls have some important advantages over traditional masonry walls. Read more

Tool Test: Point-and-Shoot Measuring Tools

Laser measuring devices can make once impossible measurements routine, simplify calculating square footage and surface area, and perform useful geometric functions. A veteran remodeler tests five of the most popular tools on the market. Read more

Protecting Existing Finishes Protecting Existing Finishes

A high-end remodeler describes his simple system for protecting existing surfaces and new work with hardboard, tape, plastic sheeting, and other inexpensive materials. Read more

Painting Q&A Painting Q&A

There's more to a lasting paint job than choosing a color. Two experts answer builders' questions about how to make sure the paint sticks. Read more

Letters Letters

Locating vents away from soffits, top-down roofing, wormdrive saws, building paper recommendation, ASHRAE 62.2 Read more

In the News In the News

Wood and steel prices, prosecuting unintentional code violations, slimmed-down energy bill, using tires in septic fields Read more

Q & A
Q&A Painting Fiber-Cement Siding

Q. Fiber-cement siding comes primed. Can I go straight to a top coat? What's the best paint to use? Read more

Q&A New Slab Over Old?

Q. I am renovating a barn where the existing concrete floor slopes approximately 6 inches in 30 feet. The architect wants me to build a level floor using wood sleepers with foam insulation in between, then pour a minimum 11/2-inch-thick radiant slab betwe Read more

Strengthening Garage Door Walls Q&A Strengthening Garage Door Walls

Q. Can anyone explain the actual technical concern and reason that new building codes are requiring specific structural improvements on garage door "lug walls" (the short walls next to the garage door opening)? Read more

Fitting the Main Stair to the Entry Design Fitting the Main Stair to the Entry

All stairs, from the humblest flight of cellar stairs to the most elegant curved entryway stairs, share the same broad functional requirements: to provide safe and comfortable passage from one level of a house to another. Read more

Business Business

Applying square-foot costs, using job descriptions to train and motivate, tracking labor hours Read more

When a Sub Is Injured on Your Job Legal When a Sub Is Injured on Your Job

What's your liability when a sub is injured on your job? Read more

Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath

Bath fittings; lighting Read more

Products Products

Dryer vent alternative, sturdy gutter; acid-staining garage floors; specialty hardware; soffits & fascia; hvac controls Read more

Toolbox Toolbox

PC router kit, Festool jigsaw; high-tech tools; roofing tools Read more

Catch a Falling Star Backfill Catch a Falling Star

New remodeler's specialty — repairing meteorite damage Read more

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