2009 Issues

January 2009 January 2009

In this issue: Block Foundations for Small Additions — Bracing a House With Steel — Cricket Retrofit — Weathering the Downturn

February 2009 February 2009

In this issue: Beating Wood Rot — Fire-Blocking Basics — Installing an Egress Window in an Existing Foundation — Tool Show Roundup — TOOL TEST: Subcompact Drill/Drivers

March 2009 March 2009

In this issue: Composite Decking Update — Designing and Building Traditional Cabinets — Replacing a Stone Foundation — Web Sites For Rookies

April 2009 April 2009

In this issue: Installing Synthetic Slate — Plunge-Cutting Circular Saws — Pressure-Treated Wood: The Next Generation — Profiles in Green

May 2009 May 2009

In this issue: Building a Ceiling Dome — Installing Exterior Insulation in Cold Climates — New Rules for Lead-Safe Remodeling — Restoring an Old Barn — Tool Test: D-Handle Rotary Hammers

June 2009 June 2009

In this issue: Building a Tight House — Condensing Storage Water Heaters — Custom Door Trim On an MDF Budget — TOOL TEST: Three-Horse Plunge Routers

July 2009 July 2009

In this issue: Building a Cantilevered Stair — Framing a 16-Sided Addition — Innovative Products 2009 — Reroofing With Asphalt Shingles

August 2009 August 2009

In this issue: Focus on French Doors — Getting Into Gutters — Residential Fire Sprinklers — Tiling an Outdoor Countertop

September 2009 September 2009

In this issue: Another Look at Vinyl Siding — Building Zero-Step Entries — Drying a Stone Cellar — Home Performance Contracting — Making Space for a Barrel Vault

October 2009 October 2009

In this issue: Framing With Light-Gauge Steel — Lowering a Basement Floor — Manufactured Deck Railings — Practical Cabinetmaking

November 2009 November 2009

In this issue: Framing Hardware Dos and Don'ts — Installing Housed Treads and Risers — Retrofitting Exterior Insulation — Roofing With Cedar Shingles — Specifying Drywall Finishes

December 2009 December 2009

In this issue: A Shop-Built Conical Roof — Faster, Smaller, and More Connected Than Ever — Installing a Wood Parquet Floor — Mud-Bed Showers — Raising the Pitch of an Existing Roof

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