Consumer Product Safety Commission

Hackers Trigger Ram Truck Recall

Researchers expose weaknesses in Chrysler’s software by using a cellular internet... More

Bosch Takes Aim at SawStop

The REAXX portable table saw reacts when flesh touches the spinning blade, pulling... More

SawStop Suit Stopped: Tool Companies Escape With Only a Nick

A federal judge dismissed an antitrust lawsuit charging most of the world’s table saw makers with conspiracy and group boycott. More

Hitachi Recalls Framing Guns

A malfunctioning safety switch may cause some NR83A2(Y) and NR83A3 models to... More

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A Tale of Two Hazards

There are no clear policies for the two biggest IAQ hazards - carbon monoxide and... More

Red Wing Recalls Steel-Toe Boots

If you wear Red Wing boots, better have a look at this recall notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. More

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